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Family and Educational Consulting Services

After 30 plus years in public education, the past 19 years with Fairfax County Public Schools, Cathy left FCPS on April 1, 2006 to offer family and educational consulting services, specializing in Autism, to the private sector. Her experience in the classroom taught her that there is a need for someone with experience who can earn the trust of the autistic child to help reduce or eliminate certain behaviors.

She provides a one-hour consultation with the parents and child and then prepares a proposal outlining services based on the agreed needs. Although she believes that intervention is most effective when started at an early age, services are provided to children of all ages. 

A child with a disability can impact family life in significant ways. This program will be based on family needs and requires a team approach. The program that is developed for the child will focus on the needs of the individual child and the family. Training for the parents and siblings will be included as part of the program to ensure consistency.

Each positive step that shows results eventually ends as a major milestone. Together we will solve the puzzle.

Family Consulting Services

  • Independent Living Skills
    • Family interaction
    • Social skills training
    • Toilet training
    • Individual needs of the family
    • Shadowing

Educational Consulting Services

  • Educational tutoring
    • VAAP
    • IEP
  • Communication skills training
    • Language
    • American Sign Language
    • Facilitated
  • Advocate services
    • IEP meetings
    • Other meetings
  • Testing Services
    • Brigance®
    • Woodcock-Johnson
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